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David Lee is a bilingual Korean-Canadian Marriage & Family Therapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor who works in private practice in a secondary school setting.  David’s passion is to help children, youth, families, and individuals experience growth and healing in their relationships and personal lives.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, David has worked with the Burnaby Counselling Group since 2013 and as a high school counsellor at Carver Christian High School since 2015.  David also has a private practice in Burnaby, BC.  For clinical areas David works with, see here.

For many years of his vocational career, David has worked with youth, children, and families as a pastor in multi-cultural and often-times bilingual settings (English and Korean).  Through working in these settings, David has learned the difference that healthy parental support can make in the lives of children growing up in a family system – and the difference a growing marriage/partnership can make in the parents’ ability to provide the kind of nurture that children and teens need.  Having experienced the ‘beauty’ and the ‘blunders’ of family life and parenting firsthand – and the empowerment that can be experienced through repairing broken bonds – David is passionate about facilitating this process with parents, couples, children and families.

David says, “My understanding of us as people is that there is often more stirring beneath our experience of distress – whether it be relational trauma, unmet expectations, or loss left unattended – and that these can sometimes be overwhelming.  I believe that people, no matter their background or experiences, have the capacity to grow and heal. My commitment is to offer my clients a sacred space in which they can learn more about themselves, their wounds, how these impact them and their relationships, and be empowered to change.  I have deep respect for those who are willing to engage in this process, for their courage and wisdom.”

David is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (#12101)


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